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Joining a gym is the first step towards a healthier future but it can become a little overwhelming with all the equipment and accessory options. That’s where our certified trainers come in! 

Each personal trainer specializes in specific goals. weight loss, strength growth, marathon training, and more!

What Ever Your Needs We Can Help You Accomplish Them!

Weight Loss
Muscle Gain
Nutritional Guidance
Marathon Training
Sport Training
& So Much More!


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MXA Fitness - Ellsworth Maine Gym

Christopher Haynes

Specializes in high intensity circuit training, calisthenics, and resistance training.
Christopher Haynes is a certified personal trainer under the International Sports Sciences Association.

Health and fitness has been a tremendous part of his life since he was age 15. Over the years he developed a love and passion for training which lead him on a journey to becoming a personal trainer.

Helping people reach their fitness goals has always been something Christopher has truly enjoyed, as well as training, so becoming a personal trainer was his next step!

When it comes to training his clients he always listens to their needs and customizes the programs that he create based on those needs.

If you have any interests in training and don't really know where to start that is exactly what Christopher is here for! No matter your goals, both big or small, he'd be more than happy to help you attain every one of them.

Certificates: ISSA Personal Trainer (International Sports Sciences Association)
Years Training: 2

Kevin DiDonato

Former Witness & Wellness Director at the YMCA!
Kevin, the former Fitness & Wellness Director at the YMCA is a top certified trainer ready to help get you on the right track! Kevin has a BS and an MS in Exercise Science and is a certified Corrective Exercise Specialist. From his time running the Fitness Center at the Down East Family YMCA, Kevin has worked privately with clients in-home and at other studios for the last 10 years. He has worked at Eastern Maine Medical as an Exercise Physiologist and Health Coach, taking a more detailed approach to change people’s lives. Kevin is also certified as a Level 1 Coach through Precision Nutrition, helping people navigate the ins-and-outs of losing weight, putting on muscle, or stripping away body fat. Kevin combines both bodyweight exercises and resistance training to deliver the best results to his clients. Not only does he work within their limitations, but he also designs a program to help people work toward their specific goals.

Michael Dubé

Combines body-weight exercises, interval training, and muscle confusion to achieve results.
Michael Dubé is a certified personal trainer, fitness instructor, swim instructor and licensed massage therapist serving Ellsworth, Mount Desert Island, and coastal Hancock County. Michael offers a professional, customized approach and listens to client needs. When training clients in the gym, at home or outdoors, he combines body-weight exercises, interval training, and muscle confusion to achieve results. He emphasizes the importance of diet and nutrition to stay healthy, and is a practicing massage therapist offering Swedish and sports massage with deep tissue and trigger point therapy.

From a young age, Michael was a natural athlete and competed in soccer, wrestling and swimming. His coaches quickly realized his talent and placed him in varsity level sports during his freshman and sophomore years. He honed his skills on and off the field, and became one of the first wrestling state finalists from Concord High School, New Hampshire.

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